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Cinqair® Infusion Therapy in Dallas

North Texas Infusion Centers (NTIC) is among the most highly respected providers of FDA approved, physician-administered Cinqair infusions in Dallas.

North Texas Infusion Centers offers physician-monitored Cinqair infusion therapy for adult patients over the age of 18 who suffer from certain forms of asthma, and elevated eosinophil levels.

Cinqair (reslizumab) is an FDA approved monoclonal antibody that is administered under supervision and reduces the levels of a type of white blood cells known as eosinophils to help control symptoms in severe asthma sufferers.

Cinqair Infusion Treatments at North Texas Infusion Centers

North Texas Infusion Centers provides physician-based injection and infusion services under the direction of our patient’s referring physicians.

Our medical staff includes double board certified physicians, physician assistants, pharmacists and nurses who utilize the most up-to-date and effective infusion and injection treatments available in North Texas.

NTIC has two convenient locations in Dallas to better serve our patients and referring physicians. Our downtown Dallas clinic is located in the Worth Street Tower on the Baylor University Medical Center campus. Our North Dallas clinic is located in the Carroll Clinic building on North Central Expressway. Both our Downtown and North Dallas locations offer convenient patient parking and the latest infusion and injection equipment.

Referring a Patient for Cinqair Infusion Treatments

We make the process of referring a patient is quick and easy. Referring physicians and their staff can check the complete list of available services, and access all necessary forms online. All referral forms can be completed online, printed, and signed by the referring physician, and faxed to our pharmacy. Copies of completed forms are sent to our business office and our friendly staff who handle the approval process and contact the referring physician’s office when the patient is ready to be scheduled to begin her Cinqair therapy.

Click here to view our complete list of referral forms.

Our insurance specialists work with all major medical insurance companies as well as the drug manufacturers for co-payments assistance.

When referring a patient for Cinqair infusion therapy, please provide us with the most recent labs and clinical notes when submitting the referral form.

Referring physicians are provided with all necessary documentation after the patient has received the prescribed Cinqair treatment.

For additional information about our Cinqair infusion treatment services in Dallas, contact us or call our office.