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From the referral paperwork and initial visit, through the administration and close monitoring of the infusion therapy, NTIC team is there to ensure patients are comfortable during their treatment.

In addition, our staff will discuss any questions regarding the therapy as well as inform the patient’s physician of any changes that occur during treatment.

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Additional Referral Process Information:

The referral forms are available on our website, here referral form. These referral forms can be signed by the referring physician and faxed to our pharmacy. A copy will be sent to our business office who will get the patient approved for treatment and notify the receptionists when the patient is ready to be scheduled.

Our medical staff and a number of our business office employees work with all of the major insurance companies as well as the drug manufacturers for co-payments assistance. Along with the referral form we request the most recent labs and clinical notes. After the patient has received their treatment a copy of the infusion visit will be sent to the physician office for review.